Hello & Welcome!

I'm Latrisha Jacobs

I’m a mom, wife, blogger, podcaster, author, and entrepreneur. On my blog, I share the behind-the-scenes of my own life while I chase my dreams and I create content for the woman who’s interested in not just looking amazing on the outside but on the inside too.

I have a huge passion for being a mama, wife, entrepreneur, and empowering women to own the magic that exists within them. I believe that we as women on a mission have to figure out how to find our own kinda balance in everything that we do to keep our sanity and confidently go after our wildest dreams. And my goal is to give you the tools to do that.

What The Blog Is About

At the core, I created Girl Be Brazen to inspire other women to just take the leap towards their dreams and see what happens. I think that we spend way too much time wondering about what other people may think, whether or not it’s a good idea, and if we’re good enough to make it happen.

All of this is just a bunch of wasted time. I know because this was me with this blog and my business. I knew that I wanted my business to look different but I just couldn’t wrap my head around doing something that was different and not fitting into the typical “entrepreneur” box. I was running my business and life the way I thought everyone expected for it to be.

But, I wasn’t happy even though on the outside I was very successful. So, eventually after spending another day dreaming about it, I decided to go all in with the business and life that I wanted. And so was born, Girl Be Brazen.

I wanted my business to be more than just business. Yes, I’m really good at helping you monetize what you know and make money. But, I think that you can only truly be happy doing that if you’re happy with yourself. And, that’s the good stuff that I love talking about here on the blog and in my business.

Why You Should Stick Around

I’m intentionally creating Girl Be Brazen to be a premiere online destination for women looking to glow up in every area of their lives and businesses.

My mission is to inspire women to believe in the impossible and embrace messy action to create a life wilder than their dreams.

Our manifesto around here is nothing that you want in life is impossible but there are levels to this. Embrace the hustle, love yourself, and grind until you’ve conquered each and every level.

And our mottos are be humble but take no shit and do it anyways.

Hanging out around here, you’ll come to find that I’m a lot sassy, a bit nerdy, and sometimes quirky. I love writing, in fact I have a book launching soon, and sharing just about everything here on the blog with you.

Thanks for stopping by and learning what Girl Be Brazen is all about. I hope that while you’re here you find the encouragement to go and make your dreams come true. Make sure to connect on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.